3 Tips to Make College Studying a Breeze

After completing two years of college, I have certainly learned a lot of the best “ins and outs” of studying. Just making a couple small changes in your study habits can be monumental for your success in the classroom.

1. Find Your Spot

The most crucial piece of consistently having productive study sessions is finding a spot on campus that works best for you. Whether it be at College Library, the Memorial Union terrace, or in your dorm room, its important to find a location that best suits your needs. I myself love using the College Library study rooms that look out onto Lake Mendota!

2. Bring Snacks

There is nothing worse than having to hit pause on a study session because you’re getting hungry or thirsty. For me personally, it really decreases my motivation when I have to leave the library to get a coffee or sandwich. Come prepared with a coffee, water, fruit, sandwich or whatever you please, so you can continue to chug along in the books while staying full and hydrated.

3. Find a Good Group…or Don’t

Figure out if you like to study with people or by yourself. I know I can be very productive with the right group of people, but sometimes my concentration fades if I’m around too many distractions. If you like to study alone, study alone. If you like to study with friends, find a good group of people that will keep you motivated and productive during your study session.

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