Binge Worthy Comfort Show

By: Grace Paar

A show that will make you laugh uncontrollably, it is easily quotable and the episodes are only 30 min long is the perfect show to binge. Parks and Recreation is my binge show of choice and I can confirm I watched the entire season during winter break and my parents were a little concerned.

Parks and Recreation is about a small Parks department in Pawnee, Indiana that is run by an enthusiastic director names Leslie Knope who is played by Amy Poehler. All the characters have unique qualities that make them work well as a team and keep the show interesting. Chris Pratt got is start on the show where he played a goofy, lazy guitar player who somehow finds a job in the government, named Andy Dwyer. His character is someone you love and root for just because he is so helpless.

If you like New Girl, The Office or Schitt’s Creek, this is the perfect show for you to binge watch. It is a little under the radar compared to the other shows listed but it may be funnier than all of them. My favorite scene to quote is from Season 3 where the character Tom Haverford, who is a sarcastic, lovable government official, talks about how he abbreviates food.

I would suggest this show to people who enjoy feel good comedy and appreciate the little things that make someone special. Each character is different and relatable which makes the show work smoothly. You will get invested in the lives of the characters more than you expect and somehow this show made me want to visit the small town of Pawnee, Indiana.

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