Basking on Bascom

Finishing this past semester of college had me feeling like the world had been lifted off my shoulders. After months of online schooling, I was ecstatic to begin my summer in Madison as not only a student on campus but, now, just another local resident.

However, I quickly realized that, because I spent so much time studying over this past year, I never took the time to find ways to relax around campus. Now, coming into the month of June, my roommates and I have officially declared the best way to relax around Madison. And we call it… Basking on Bascom — an essential to Madison living.

Come this fall, if you’re simply too stressed out by all your school work to even workout or be social with your friends then head on over to Bascom Hill. 

The essentials for a quick study break up on Bascom only include: 

1. Your best blanket 

2. A few “energizing” snacks: I recommend checking out the food trucks in the Memorial Library courtyard on your way over!

3. Airpods: Maybe throw on a podcast or a playlist — or two.

4. A book

5. Some sunnies: Believe me, there’s a reason we call it basking on Bascom.

And, while this may only lend you some short-term study relief, I’ve found that basking on Bascom has become my number one go-to for long-term relaxation. So make sure to put the chemistry homework aside and enjoy the fleeting moments of Madison’s September heat before it’s too late.

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