New Girl: The Best Show to Binge

I have always loved sitcoms. My favorite show as a kid was Good Luck Charlie, which then transitioned to Friends in high school, and now as a college student, my new favorite sitcom, New Girl, is the best TV show to binge.

New Girl is a modern day sitcom, which aired in 2011, that revolves around a girl named Jess and her three male roommates in Los Angeles, California. Jess, a goofy teacher, recently broke up with her long-time boyfriend and was searching for new roommates. She ended up renting a room in “the loft” with Nick, Winston, and Schmidt. Each episode is about a crazy and funny story in their lives.

After walking home from a class at Madison, I have found that a New Girl episode is a great way to destress before the next class starts. Only 21-24 minutes long, this TV show offers perfect-lengthed episodes to quickly watch in between classes.

New Girl is not just a bunch of random episodes, but from the getco, all 7 seasons tell a story. It consists of multiple love stories, great friendships, tough times with jobs, etc. In the first season, the roommates in their late twenties have no idea what to do with their life, but by the end of the show, all of the roommates are ready to move out of the loft.

New Girl humor is great for college kids, and a great option to watch together with friends. I hope you give New Girl a chance and end up liking it as much as I do!

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