Before the Leap

There is a time period between finishing high school and starting college where you don’t really know how to feel. You are an adult who just graduated high school but once the fall semester starts you are a freshman all over. You want to have the freedom that many adults have but you are not quite ready to let go of the securities your parents have given you. During this “pre-college transition” period it is important to think of these three things.

1. Enjoy home cooked meals at a dinner table.

I have come to learn that once college starts, eating a freshly cooked meal at an actual table is very hard to come by. So I suggest making the most out of your mother or father’s meals that they make for you and spend a little extra time around the table because soon enough you will be eating Chinese take-out for the third time in a week on the un-vacuumed floor of your dorm room.

2. Make some money of your own!

While a lot of young adults are supported by their parents throughout college, many do not have that luxury. So no matter your situation, I think it is important to make some of your own money before becoming a full-time student again. This is important because there are many things do around the UW campus and you will want to have the financial freedom to do these things. So I suggest getting a retail job or babysitting gig the summer before your freshman year so that you have some cash on you heading into the fall semester.

3. Go do that thing.

Finally, my last bit of advice is to go do that thing you’ve been wanting to do with your friends but never got around to during the school year. It’s hard to think that you may never see some of your high school friends again, but it’s true. People move on once they go to college and don’t have time to hang out all of summer. So before you make the leap to college, GO DO THAT THING!

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