ECOXGEAR for a bangin’ freshman year

The time is 8:00pm. You and your dormmates are gearing up for your first big Friday night of college – to go out and study of course 🙂 You have the best music all combined into one playlist and are prepared to absolutely run the aux at the pre-study.

There’s just one problem, Chad from down the hall also has a playlist, and he is the one who owns the Bose mini soundlink, so he is therefore granted the right to aux for the night. You sit silently in the corner as Sicko Mode and Mo Bamba play repeatedly, waiting for the torture to end. Little did you know, if you had brought an ECOXGEAR to college with you, your night would be going much, much differently.

No longer will your professionally crafted playlists go unheard under any circumstances. With more than 10 hours of wireless battery life, an 8” full-range speaker, and an 8” subwoofer, the ECOXGEAR is perfect for more than just your average pre-study. Take it with you down to Mendota for a day by the lake or out to Bascom for the notorious snowball fight and let your glorious tunes be heard by all.

“Oh, but what if I damage such an incredible piece of equipment?” you might say. Whether Johnny drops it into the lake, Becky bumps it off the table, or Charlie spills his Gatorade-soda all over it, ECOXGEAR has you covered with its floatable, waterproof, snowproof, rugged design.

Bring an ECOXGEAR along for the ride and say goodbye to being let down by Chad’s disgustingly quiet and limited music ever again.

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