A Life Hack At Your Fingertips

Have you been stressing yourself out, wondering how you will keep everything straight upon entering college? I was the same way. Luckily, I discovered a “life hack” that will make organization incredibly easy – and it already exists on your iPhone.

The “Reminders” app is incredible. it comes pre-installed on all iPhones, so there is no need to search through the app store. Essentially a virtual planner, it allows you to write down what you need get done, then set a date, time, and even location for it to “remind” you to complete the task. The notification pops up on your lock screen, and stays there until you physically click “mark as completed”. I’ve included a screenshot taken from my iPhone of what it looks like when you input a new reminder.

I have always had a physical planner, and to this day I still use one (I suggest you get one as well). However, it is so easy to accidentally leave your planner in your dorm when running late to class, and sometimes it is just simply inconvenient to bring your planner with you. For me, that is the main appeal of the Reminders app: convenience. When is the last time you forgot your phone anywhere? This is a planner that you can access whenever, wherever. I use this app for everything: to be reminded of interviews, homework assignments, exams, even something as little as sending a professor an email. This app has made organization seamless, and I am so excited to share this “hack” with you!

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