Do These 3 Things and “Adulting” in Madison Will be Much Easier

  1. Purchase your own laptop. Laptops are essential to both becoming an adult and attending classes at UW-Madison. Having a laptop will keep you organized and accessible anywhere you go. Having your calendar, budget, homework, and recipe book all in one place can lift a huge burden off of your shoulders. See above to define a modern, casual version of the word “Adulting”
  1. Create a list of weather essentials and BUY them ASAP. A very important part of becoming an adult is being prepared and weather can be a very big part of preparation. Most students know that they need an umbrella, snow boots, and jackets for every season. But, they don’t always think of having a waterproof backpack to keep your books and laptop safe when it rains OR a Hydroflask or heat controlled water bottle so you are dehydrated walking 30 mins to your class in 90 degree weather.
  1. Keep in touch with your family, especially your parents. When you first go to college you are going to have questions about things you never thought about. Examples of this could be what to wear to your first interview, how to deal with your roommate, or how to fix something you broke in your room. Many students become overwhelmed and do not think to call your family or friends who have already been through stuff like this. 

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