Adulting in College isn’t that hard (Results may vary)

Adult Life in college is not much but living without parents and learning to budget your expenses

Coming into college is a shock at first for the first couple weeks because we all rent accustomed to not being with our family for an extended period of time. You go from having your own room to having a dorm room that you have to share with someone you have never met. The best thing to do in that situation is to just go with the flow. Easy

When it comes to finances though, it can be easy to blow through money in college.

“Let’s go out to eat”

“I might order on Amazon”

“I want new clothes”

Say bye to your money after doing all that for the first couple weeks of school.

Yes, its ok to buy what you want but try to moderate your spending, so you don’t end up spending money you don’t need to spend. I struggled with that a lot in college and had to quickly adapt.

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Instead of eating three times a day at Gordons, you could buy groceries from Fresh Madison Market and save so much money. Trust me it makes a difference

All in all, college is a lot of fun and at times you don’t even feel like an adult. It’s crazy but it is true. I mean we all were in your shoes a couple of years ago…

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