5 Ways to Spring into Loving Yourself

Spring break is the perfect opportunity to invest in yourself after midterms. It’s important to practice self-care when you’re in college and dealing with stress and constant changes. Here is a list of ideas you can do to recharge yourself before going back to school to finish off the school year.

1. Netflix and chill
Sit back, relax, and binge watch all your favorite movies and/or TV shows.

2. Spa night

Pamper yourself with a face mask, give yourself a mani/pedi, drink some tea, and reflect on your day.

3. Go on a shopping trip
Treat yourself to a shopping trip and buy yourself something you’ve been wanting.

4. Hit the gym
It’s been scientifically proven that exercise helps relieve stress. Not only will you feel more relaxed, you will also feel better about yourself.

5. Go hiking

Get a breath of fresh air and enjoy the scenery.

Definitely give these ideas a try and remember to keep in mind that your mental health matters!

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