Not Going to Sugar Coat It- All the Jackets You Should be Bringing!

Whether it’s a windy walk across campus or heading to the frats on a Thursday night, keeping warm and fashionable in the Wisconsin weather is crucial! Not to mention maximizing the sardine can of a closet you’ll have, here’s the must bring jackets for freshman year. 

Watery Walks

No denying it, rainy days are inevitable. Having a good windbreaker/rain jacket is a must bring. It’s lightweight and foldable so you can store it pretty much everywhere, not to mention its utility and protection from rain, sleet, wind, or whatever else mother nature decides to bring. 

Saturday Strolls 

Another item to pack in your rubber maids to move in, would be a “fracket” or frat jacket, essentially one you don’t care what happens to. Whether it’s a day on the lake or a Thursday night function no one wants to be cold walking around campus. Save your money from an expensive jacket, and instead opt for a more price friendly one, you’ll probably stain it, lose it, or get it stolen by the end of the semester.

And of course is your most vital item of clothing- the winter parka. Invest in a good one!! You’ll wear it the majority of the year and have to brave the worst of walks to get to class, the grocery store, or the union. Splurging may not be so bad on this one, you’ll be grateful you did.

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