Binge-Watching Community

A show that I highly recommend is “Community” starring Joel McHale and directed by famous director Dan Harmon. This show is a fantastic binge and can be found on both Hulu and Netflix. The satirical take of what it is like to go to a Community college is an absolute gut-buster as we follow around the cast each episode getting up to all sorts of interesting situations. The show is complete, so you can binge it in its entirety at your own leisure.

The show is about a group of 5 friends who go to a local community college for all different reasons. They are all very different people, so their interactions are pretty wild. My two favorite characters are Troy and Abed. Those two are very similar in their interests and how they act. Both are pretty gullible, but they see the best in people. They get up to all sorts of wild antics because they are willing to get creative to fix mundane, everyday problems. Other than that, my favorite character is Jeff due to his character growth over the seasons. He goes from a egomaniac former lawyer who is just there to change his profession to truly changing how he feels about his fellow classmates and actually starts to care for them deeply.

“Community” is a great thing to watch because it has a great interconnected plotline that is woven into fruition by the growth of each character. Each season brings each character closer even though there are growing pains and episodes where things look irreparable. The characters in this show, even the minor and supporting characters, all go through their own character arcs and when the show wraps up, it leaves each of them with a satisfying conclusion.

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