Welcome to College: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone!

Heading off to a new place with people you’ve never met before can be intimidating. But, with the right tips, this transition can be a breeze. Moving to college is different for everyone, but one common factor remains, everyone is meeting new people. This is your opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and interact with individuals you’ve never met before! From my experience, these ways made the transition.

1. Make friends in your classes!

This seems like a basic step that you might’ve already thought of. But really, it can make or break your classroom experience. College is a hard transition and having a friend in class you can turn to when you need help is extremely beneficial, not to mention nice to grab lunch with or hang out with on the weekends.

2. Study in your residence hall common spaces!

Again, something so basic can make a world of a difference in your social life. Not only can you study for your classes, but you can also interact with your floor-mates and get to know those that will be living around you for the next several months. Check them out here!

3. Join student organizations!

Joining a student organization that interests you is a great way to find people that share the same interests as you. Additionally, joining organizations that allow you to explore possible majors is a great way to meet friends that may be in classes with you. Student organizations give you the opportunity to explore your interests and connect with your peers. Learn more about the org fair here!

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