Making Friends at College: Enjoy the Experience!

Making new friends at college may become the easiest, or the hardest, part of the experience. There are a vast number of ways to make friends at college, as outlined here. The biggest aspect that may be different from high school is that UW-Madison has a very large undergraduate community, so you can be assured that you will find a great group of friends. From personal experience, there are three ways that made this experience easier for me.

1.Find student organizations with the same interests as you

There’s nothing more exciting than finding a group of people with the same interests as you. Whether that be a particular sport, academic interest, or something completely random, spending time with similar people will be a great experience that will connect you to people that you can get to know. You can explore them here!

2. Join group chats for courses 

College courses can be difficult. When starting a course, there may be opportunities to join group chats with other students. These are other students who may be just as confused, nervous, or be willing to help for the upcoming exam or the latest lecture. Not only can you get help for the course, but also create study groups, socialize, and start conversations with other students. 

3. Explore spaces in your residence hall

During the first few weeks of entering your residence hall, I highly recommend exploring study spaces, your dorm room hallway, and any other spaces where other students may spend time in. These spaces are great opportunities to meet other people and spend time with other people that are living close by. 

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