Say Hello to Plyo

Plyo is every exercise-loving, college student’s dream. Nothing feels better than being rewarded for all of your hard work and this is exactly what Plyo is all about: it rewards you for exercising and working out. 

Once you download it from the app store, all you have to do is provide your university and student email, in order to confirm that you are a college student. From there, Plyo will automatically “check you in” once you have arrived at one of UW-Madison’s fitness centers, since the app is based on your location. Once you are “checked in”, the timer will begin and the points will start adding up, but will stop as soon as you reach the 3 hour time limit. Now onto the fun part! 

These earned points can be redeemed for coupons and discounts at some of the best local hot spots that Madison has to offer, such as Ian’s Pizza, Salads UP and many more! I don’t know about you, but I’d love to get a free slice of mac n’ cheese pizza or BOGO salads for just simply going to the university gym! In addition to these rewards, you can also enter to win gift cards for some of your favorite health and fitness brands, restaurants, and clothing stores!

Not only will this app save you money (especially if you want to take a break from the dining hall!), but it will also incentivize you to go to the gym and stay active throughout the year!

Download the app, get active, and start saving! 

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