An App to Get aHEAD

Going to college can be stressful. For many of us, it is the first time we are living alone, having to figure out our own meals, and keep up with school work all at the same time. With so many new things added to our plates, we often forget about about keeping up with our mental health as well. That is why an essential app to keep on your phone, especially as a freshman, is Headspace.

Headspace is an app that allows you to practice meditation to improve your mental and physical health. This app is available on both Android and iOS devices as well as internet browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. I recommend this app for many reasons but here are just a few:

  1. Meditation is proven to reduce stress and anxiety. If you are a college student or about to be, you know that the work load can be overloading sometimes. Headspace may help make it easier to take it on!
  2. Headspace may enhance your self awareness. In college, many people change a lot and through meditation, you can gain a better understanding of who you are and others around you.
  3. This app can help you sleep! If you are like me, this can be hard. Meditation on Headspace can help calm down a racing mind to getting a better night of rest to be more ready to take on the day tomorrow!

The bottom line here is that college is stressful. Headspace can help you manage this and make your transition much smoother as you figure out the transition to an independent adult.

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