Fawn the Dog and 3 Other Reasons LA210 Should be on Your Schedule

Whether or not you’ve decided on a major, exploration is an important part of the college experience. If you’re like me, Landscape Architecture isn’t a major you have much knowledge about. That is, until you take LA210.

Introduction to Landscape Architecture Design is open to all students with no requisites. What follow are the top 4 reasons why you should add this course to your degree plan.

1: Fawn the Dog (and Senior Lecturer James Steiner)

Not only is James Steiner a knowledgeable professional Landscape Architect, but he is also a great teacher who wants to see you succeed. Even better, he occasionally brings his sweet dog, Fawn, to studio!

2: Studio Exercises

Personally, I had never taken a studio class before. These three-hour class sessions normally consist of a short lecture followed by project work time. The exercises build off one another and are incredibly rewarding. The skills learned are also very transferrable, as they relate to creativity and problem solving.

Example of a Landscape Architecture drafting project courtesy of UC Davis Arboretum

3: The Agricultural Bulletin Building

This building is located near the Microbial Sciences Building and Lakeshore Dorms. It is a beautiful brick building full of windows and the studio takes up the majority of the first floor. While taking this class, I never wanted to leave!

4: Expand Your Horizons!

Although I came in with very little knowledge of this field, I left this class with a greater understanding of possible career options and the work and planning that goes into the world around us!

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