Crossing your T’s, dotting your I’s, going through every checklist possible to make sure you’ve packed your necessary items for the most exhilarating step thus far. Shower shoes, check. Hangers, check. Mom’s DIY first aid kit, check. Here is one item you won’t find on any online packing list. That’s because it’s not necessarily an “item.” it’s an app. Before starting freshman year you must download and set up Venmo. It is available on any smartphone device and connects you to your checking account instantly. Venmo is my college must have and soon will be yours too. Having the ability to instantly pay your friend back for the coffee they bought you, request your roommate’s share of your Mickies Dairy brunch, and even accept “random acts of kindness” from mom. Venmo is quick, easy and safe. Venmo is even used by many clubs and organizations on campus. Repeated times throughout the year charity events will take donations via Venmo. For example, you can Venmo money to the sorority Pi Beta Phi in order to throw pie at the face of a chapter member as a fundraiser to donate money to their charity of choice. So, stop reading this blog and set you and your family up on Venmo. I promise you it will be one of the best things you can do to prepare for a successful college career. 

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