Music Mecca Madison

Live music. Live music. Live music.

Do not let your freshman year pass by without attending as many live music events as you’re able to. With plenty of venues and artists touring, Madison makes for an amazing concert scene that is sure to suit everyone’s taste of music and provide memories that will last a lifetime.

One of the best ways to become close with your peers on the UW-Madison campus is to share a love for certain music, and concerts are where it all comes full-circle. Live music gives people the opportunity to connect on new levels and share an experience together that sums up to be more than just another night at a booth in Red Shed.

Madison also holds an impressive amount of venues, with places such as The Alliant Energy Center, The Sylvee, Majestic, The Orpheum, and more all offering a great spot to see a show. As for artists, whether you want to go cry your eyes out to an Illenium show or mosh for a Schoolboy Q concert, the variety of music available to see live has you covered.

Worried about having the money to see concerts? Look into student deals! Often times venues offer student tickets that are priced out to no more than it would cost to buy a nice meal.

If you don’t begin attending concerts somewhat regularly your freshman year, one day you likely will. And at that time, I can guarantee you’ll say, I wish I’d started doing this sooner.

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