Physics for the Creative Type

Are you not into science but need that credit? Are you more creative than analytical? Look no further than Physics 109, Physics in the Arts.

Yes, Even You Can Take Physics

I know, physics sounds daunting, but this class taught by professors Pupa Gilbert and Francis Halzen may make you change your mind. Exploring topics of music, color, and photography, this three credit class will appease your creative side while fulfilling some of your science credits.

The 109 Experience

My experience in Physics 109 was a great one. Lecture was twice a week while the labs met once a week. Since I am not a morning person, I was pleased to see that all lectures were after 12 and it was easy to find a later lab as well. Lectures were a decent size, probably around 70, but the labs themselves were small groups with a maximum of 16 students. Most of I just really enjoyed the class because I was able to apply my interest in the arts to a science that I was originally not all that interested in, and succeed in a subject like physics that I am simply not that good at.

Does all this sound interesting to you? Well, you’re in luck. Physics 109 is available in the Fall 2019 semester so sign up now!

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