The Ultimate Guide to Student Life at UW-Madison

Are you an incoming freshman at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and wondering about all the ways you can get involved? Worry no more! Here I will list the best ideas for you to be an active student.

  1. Study at College Library! Studying may sound like a bore, but if you are going to succeed in Madison, studying is a MUST. College library is a hub for studying. You will always find other students there, and you are guaranteed to meet a new study buddy!
  2. Join a Club! Not the starting quarterback for the football team? That’s okay! Everyone has an interest in something, so find yours and meet people who share that interest! Join the rowing team or maybe the club lacrosse team – your options are endless. Find more information on this here:
  3. Relax at Memorial Union! Memorial Union is POPPING in the summer, so grab a colorful chair and embrace the sunshine with friends and yummy food.
  4. Explore State Street! State Street is a wonderful place. Whether you are grabbing a coffee from Colectivo or shopping at Urban Outfitters, it’s the PERFECT place to venture when you’re bored.

These are just a few possibilities the wonderful city of Madison provides to its students. Student life is one of the greatest things about this campus, and you are about to have the time of your life!

A Saturday night on the terrace at the Memorial Union in Madison, Wisconsin

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