There is a leader in all of us

While I didn’t experience my freshman year at Wisconsin, I do know what it feels like to be in a new community with unfamiliar faces and overwhelmed with all the different organizations to choose from. As a transfer student, I had to experience the feelings, doubts, and uncertainties of freshman year all over again.

The first student org that I joined at Wisconsin was the Student Leadership Program (SLP), which is sponsored by the Center for Leadership & Involvement (CfLI).

As a new member, I was a part of the Emerging Leaders Program. Being a member of this community taught me that we all can be leaders. We all have gifts and talents that enhance our community, whether that be in the classroom, an internship, a job, etc. Emerging Leaders Program lasts for a semester, and if you make membership, you can join one of the other SLP committees.

I think this club really helped make my transition as a UW student a lot better because of the people I was surrounded by. Community is an important factor as a new student. It can be easy to want to stay in our comfort zone and stick to the people we may really know, but some of the best experiences I’ve had were by putting myself out of my comfort zone and getting to know new people. Sometimes it takes going to new organizations alone, and getting to know other students.

Vulnerability allows us to grow and let other people get to know out true selves. This ultimately makes great leaders, going out into the world and sharing our beliefs, ideas, and what makes us happy!

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