Ever Wanted to Be on The Amazing Race? This Campus Event Is for You!

Did you know that every year during All-Campus Party Week there’s an “Amazing Race” style event called Bucky’s Urban Odyssey? You can team up with your friends, run around campus, and win great prizes! Participating in this event has been one of my favorite memories at UW-Madison!

Explore Campus and Nearby Hotspots

At the start of the race your team will be given a set of clues that highlight exciting and historical locations around campus. You have only a few hours to figure out where each clue is pointing to and make it to as many as you can! My team ended up run-walking six miles during the race—we got a workout in without trying!

Aerial view of campus, with Helen C. White Hall in foreground. Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

Bond with Your Teammates

Each team for Bucky’s Urban Odyssey is made up of four people. At each location you will have to complete a challenge together which can range from puzzles to taking a photo and posting it on social media. The points you earn in each challenge will determine the winner of the race! Teams can get bonus points for having a creative costume, so thinking up a fun name and coordinating outfits is a great way to start working together even before the race begins.

Win Fun Prizes

When you’re done, everyone gets free snacks and drinks, and the prizes for teams that place high are nothing to sneeze at. Examples from this past year include AirPods, gift cards, and more. Win or lose, Bucky’s Urban Odyssey is a great event at UW-Madison and is sure to be a highlight of your year!

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