Homecoming Isn’t Just For High School: 3 Hoco Events You Won’t Want to Miss This Fall

If your high school was like mine, you probably celebrated Homecoming Week each fall, a week full of fun events for students and alumni and culminating in a football game. You may not know it, but Homecoming Week doesn’t stop in high school, and participating in Homecoming events at Wisconsin is a great way to show school spirit and get the most out of freshman year. Here are 3 cool events to attend in 2019:

  1. Trivia night. Round up your smartest friends and make a team to join Wisconsin Trivia at the Rathskeller, run the chance of winning some great prizes, and learn some cool UW trivia you may have never known about!
  2. Parade! On Friday of Homecoming Week, thousands of members of the UW community come to State Street to watch a Bucky-tastic parade march through the street featuring dance teams, student orgs, distinguished alumni, and more.
  3. The football game… obviously! The Homecoming game is almost always a guaranteed Badger win, and so much fun to experience with all the alumni. Grab your white and red and come to Camp Randall for the best game day of the year!

These are just a few of a week full of fun Wisconsin Homecoming events. And if you have fun at those, you may just consider joining the Wisconsin Homecoming Committee, the team of students that puts it all together!

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