I Scream For Ice Cream

When you start college, no matter where you are, it is a whole new experience. You are on your own, no parents and living in a shoebox of a room. Yet despite dorm life, you have a different type of freedom you probably have never had before. With this spare time and the ability to walk everywhere, the best thing I found was to eat ice cream with new friends at the Memorial Union Terrace.

Everyone is always asking, “how did you make friends”, or “should I join all these clubs to meet people?” And yes, you can do that, but my favorite part of my freshman year was just inviting people to get ice cream with me at Memorial Union.  Just by extending this invitation to take a walk across campus and watch the sunset encourages a large gathering. You do not need reservations or have to break the bank, instead, you can scream down your hall “who wants ice cream” and I guarantee people will come with you. This way when you invite more people, you can meet more people. It may seem weird at first, but the first thing my roommate and I did when we finished moving in and our parents left us was walk to Memorial Union, eat ice cream, and watch the sunset.

Lastly, do not be nervous to invite people! Everyone is feeling exactly how you are feeling in this new and bizarre moment of entering college. It does not always have to be ice cream but extending the invitation to do anything and everything during your freshman year is a great way to make friends and meet new people. So, when you move in, don’t freak out. Just remember, ice cream will help and so will your new friends.  

Saturday night on graduation weekend on the terrace at the Memorial Union in Madison, Wisconsin

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