Walking from class to class and need lunch?

The food trucks at the bottom of Bascom Hill on State Street are a must when looking for lunch.

Every morning, there are vendors that come to State and set up shop for lunch time throughout the year. These food trucks bring authentic foods from around the world right here to State Street. There are foods from Asia, Southeast Asia, South America, Europe, and more.

When walking to and from class, I would highly recommend stopping and trying a new food cart every day. Each has a unique menu and introduces a new culture to our small town city. The vendors make personal connections with each regular that are guaranteed to spice up your daily routines. At such a large campus, having another friendly face to see. In addition, as weather improves, the food trucks become a social scene, where you can observe and interact with every kind of person. Madison is known for its character, and nothing greater embodies its character on a sunny day than food trucks capped on one end by the capital and on the other by the iconic Bascom Hill. It’s a convenient stop on the way to class that will boost your Wisconsin pride and spirit.

A personal recommendation would be to go to one of the smoothie places as they serve some of the most tasty smoothies around. I would also recommend going to Hibachi Hut as it is a pretty quick turnout from ordering to receiving your food.

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