3 Things that will make you the Best Roommate Ever

Getting along with your roommate is very important for a successful freshman year. When I met my roommate during move-in, we quickly learned the do’s and do not’s of living with another person. After my freshman year, I compiled a list of what makes a good roommate, and the top three pieces of advice will ensure your roommate becomes your friend.

Headphones. When you’re sharing a small space with someone, you would think it is common sense to use headphones when listening to loud music or television. Wearing headphones makes it easier for both of you and will 100% help avoid a fight.

Let them know you’re having people over. If you decide to have a friend or two over, don’t tell your roommate at the last minute. Nothing is worse than coming back to the room after a long day to 4 people you have never met before sitting on your bed.

If you have an Early Class, keep the Lights Off. Classes at UW Madison start as early as 7:25 AM which, if you ask me, is too early. My roommate was an early riser and would constantly turn the lights on when he woke up. I resented him for weeks because of this, until I finally said something which led to a fight.

If you do these things, you and your roommate will get along just fine. All in all, just being nice, courteous, and thoughtful will make life easier for the both of you. Hit the link for more tips!


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