Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Who’s the Most Prepared Freshman of Them All?

College move in check lists are crazy. You really do have to bring your entire life and pack it into a small room for 9 months. While yes my hamper and power strip were undeniably useful, my full length mirror was another item that I can honestly say I used every day.

At home, someone in your house, if not you, probably has a full length mirror that you’ve used at some point. I will tell you that in college, you will use this mirror 100x more often, and for many different reasons.

1.Checking your outfit

This is the point of a mirror. As an addition, I will add that it was very helpful when my roommate was still sleeping in the morning and I couldn’t ask her which pair of shoes looked better on.

2. Mirror selfies

The amount of selfies you will take in college is ridiculous. During hangouts before parties you will most likely take upwards of 20 group mirror selfies in order to get the whole squad in. These selfies are much more aesthetically pleasing when taken in your full length mirror opposed to the half mirror in the dorm bathroom.

3. Decoration

Around my mirror are dozens of printed photos with all of my friends, which add to the ambiance. Also, mirrors seem to make a room bigger.

Overall, you could potentially live without a full length mirror but I promise that this one item will make your life so much more convenient on a day to day basis.

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