The Surprising Benefits of a Storage Cube: A Freshman Necessity

While it may seem stupid, my storage cube was one of my best college purchases.

Here is an example of storage cubes in a room. Source

A storage cube is a square, hollow box that both acts as a storage container and a small ottoman. Both uses are especially important and will help you have the best college dorm room.

Here is an example of a storage cube, or storage ottoman. Source


The most important use of your storage cube is its function as extra seating. If you want a dorm movie night, hang out session, or a pizza dinner party, extra seating is always needed. It is nice to not make your friends sit on you, probably not vacuumed, carpet or cold floor. Extra seating makes your room seem more welcoming and the go-to hangout spot on your floor.


Dorms are ridiculously small and do not have a lot of storage space. If you are like me and have lots of clothing and random stuff, it is always nice to have extra storage. My roommate and I used our storage cubes to store all our winter hats and gloves, which we did not need out all the time. A storage cube will allow you to stylishly hide your random this and that’s.

With a storage cube, your room will be clean of clutter and ready to host every fathomable dorm event.

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