2 Tips for Keeping your Dorm Room & Your Life Organized

Getting help from my mom on my freshman year move-in day.

It only took one month before my freshman year dorm was a cluttered disaster. From syllabus week to midterms, the last thing you want to worry about is dealing with overflowing hampers, mismatching socks, and dirty sheets. The secret to preventing a messy dorm room is to get a head start and create clean habits early on. To avoid leaving it all to the last minute, here are two easy tips that will help keep your room and your life organized.

1. Make A List

Making a list of things that need to be cleaned or reorganized and taking it task-by-task will help reduce the feeling of overwhelming stress when your room is a mess. Blocking off time to complete a few of these tasks a day or even every other day will help tremendously and reduce your cleaning time in the future.

2. Command Hooks

Being introduced to command hooks was like making a new best friend. Not only are command hooks reliable, trustworthy, and uncomplicated, but they also create no damage to the walls after taking them down when it is time to move out. Although command hooks can be used to hang a wide variety of things, my favorite use for them was to:

  • Hang my keys and purses (I never lost them again).
  • Hang my winter jacket (I didn’t have enough room for it in my closet).
  • Hang my artwork (I used command poster strips which didn’t strip any paint from the walls after removing them).

By making a list and investing in command hooks, I can guarantee you that your freshman year work load will get a lot easier.

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