A Winter Break Worth Remembering

Getting Even More ‘Winter’ Out of Your Winter Break

Year after year, college students agonize over where to travel in December to take the monotony out of an entire month at home with few responsibilities. Speaking from experience, the best way to maximize all that winter has to offer is to hit the slopes and enjoy a weekend at Keystone Resort in Colorado!

After skiing for most of my life at hills throughout Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula (Sunburst, Cascade, Granite Peak, and Powderhorn to name a few), Keystone offered an experience that was bigger and better. The mountain was larger, meaning we had much more time spent actually skiing rather than waiting, and the high-tech chairlift was fast enough to compensate for the distance.

When we weren’t on the slopes, we were either back at our cabin or at the restaurants and pubs within the resort itself– perfect timing for the flurry of college football bowl games that took place starting January 1st every year. After a long day of skiing, nothing beats sitting down to watch the climax of the football season with fans from around the country.

For those who are looking to escape Wisconsin, but not necessarily the cold weather, a vacation to Keystone Resort in Colorado offers an unbeatable skiing and snowboarding experience at a lower cost than other resorts like Vail. The beach is overrated– instead of risking skin cancer, go for the rush of flying down this behemoth of a mountain at high speeds (as long as you stay safe).

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