How To Make Friends in the Dorms

Coming into a new school, environment, or situation is always a bit nerve-wracking. But coming into a new school, a new “home”, a tiny dorm, and maybe not knowing ANYBODY around you… that can be extremely scary. But there’s no need to fear because I have a few tips on how you can make some friends in your new dorm hall.

Here is a list of some things you should try to do to make new friends as a freshman:

  • Make friends with your roommate. Whether you know your roommate prior to coming to college or not, try to become friends with them to create a calm and healthy living situation.
  • Always leave your dorm door open. Okay, don’t ALWAYS leave it open, but when you aren’t sleeping and while you’re just hanging out, leave it open. You’d be surprised by how many people will say “hi” or even come in to chat.
  • Participate in the dorm hall activities. I know they may not be in your interest, but they will help you meet everyone who lives around you.
  • Always say “Yes”! When you are asked to go do something, like go get food or go play basketball, just say yes. Again, I know it might not be something you’re interesting in, but you never know, you could have lots of fun.

I know I didn’t cover all the ways to make new friends, so here is a link to give you a few more tips! –>

Just remember to be open to new ideas and be yourself!

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