3 Reasons Why You Need a Humidifier

As an incoming student you will spend more time than you think in your dorm room. It is important to keep this space as healthy as you can. I believe that one think every college student living on campus needs is a small humidifier. 

Here is why!

  1. Your Skin and Lips Rely on It
    • Problem: Majority of your time spent at school will happen during the winter months. This is when the air is the driest. Dry air can cause cracked lips and skin irritation. 
    • Solution: A humidifier can naturally rehydrate your skin. 
  2. Check-In with Your Breathing
    • Problem: Just breathe. Pay attention to how it feels. Low humidity can cause discomfort for the nose results in headaches and bloody noses. 
    • Solution: A humidifier can help clear out your sinuses and decrease your chances of getting a bloody nose. 
  3. Tackle the Freshmen Flu
    • Problem: Living in such a close environment with other people means that you will get sick at least once during the year. 
    • Solution: A humidifier can help ease symptoms of sickness. This does include stuffy-noses, sore throats, and coughs. Don’t forget to also wash your hands. 

I had a humidifier in my room all four years of college. It is my go-to necessity if I were to ever go back. Check out this article and don’t forget your humidifier! 

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