Why Ecology of Human Happiness 201 is a Great Class for all Incoming Freshmen

In this class you are introduced to new methods of practicing mindfulness.

Freshman year comes with a lot of new changes that can be both overwhelming and exciting. Taking a class that is thought provoking and enjoyable will ease some of the tensions of the first year; Ecology of Human Happiness 201 can do this for you. Why should you take this class?

  1. Professor Christine Whelan is an enthusiastic professor who offers amazing examples to help you better understand the material.
  2. This class encourages you to discuss with others so it can be a great way to make new friends!
  3. Who doesn’t want to learn about ways of becoming a more mindful person?

I enjoyed learning about ways of increasing my mindfulness and how it leads to being an overall happier person who can find a purpose that can beneficially contribute to society. This class also gives you tips on how to use different practices of mediation which can be a great skill to be utilized your freshman year and beyond! This class is available for the fall 2019 semester although a different professor is teaching it. It still is going to meet every Monday and Wednesday with one discussion section and around 100 students can enroll. It is a larger lecture but that is not a terrible thing because you still have small group discussion meetings each week which reinforces the main ideas of the lectures and helps you better understand the important concepts.

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