Yeah! Pump the jam, pump it up!!

#1 Indispensable Item YOU cannot forget to bring to college is a speaker! 

When it’s sunny and warm on campus….go outside and blast your speaker.

When it’s cold and snowing on campus….stay inside and blast your speaker.

When you’re hanging out with friends in your dorm…blast your speaker.

When you’re studying and hitting the books….don’t blast your speaker but during your study break JAM OUT!

No matter the season or occasion, I almost always used my speaker. Music is an essential part of my everyday. When I don’t have music playing through my earplugs, its connected to my speaker.

Nobody likes hanging out in complete silence. And it doesn’t have to be a fancy expensive speaker either, here is a video for a DIY one.

So when you’re packing up to leave for college and listening to music on your speaker, don’t forget to pack it up and bring it with!!


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