Vacation or Staycation

As much as you’ll want to plan the perfect winter break getaway your first year of college, the best vacation is a staycation.


The first semester of college will be stressful, you’ll be tired and so relieved to take a month off from homework and 8am classes. Instead of the added stress of needing to pack a suitcase, find your passport and confirm a travel itinerary, take my advice and plan a relaxing adventure right in your hometown.

Family Time

Heading off to college you are so ready for life on your own, but you’ll realize real quick that you miss your mom. And even your little brothers annoying habits, seem to become endearing, I know it seems impossible but I swear it happens. You will be so ready to accept all of the homemade meals you can get, enjoy it while you can.

Girls Only

Get a group of your favorite ladies together and simply relax. Rent (or rather add to your Netflix queue) all of the best chick flicks around. You know the ones, the Notebook, Dear John, anything Nicholas Sparks will do. Convince your mom that you ladies need pizza and enjoy your favorite post-bar snack free of charge…gosh being home is nice. Binge on movies and all those guilty pleasure snacks and never look back!

Save your mental health AND your wallet and enjoy your first winter break from the comfort of your own home! The beach will still be there next year!

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