Freshman Year Nightlife 101

Freshman nightlife is some of the best. Everything is new, exciting, and a discovery! Below are 11 ways to make the most memories and friends you can along your journey. Well that and get some of the best late night bites!

1) Attend a sporting event!
Year-round UW-Madison has sporting events going on at the Kohl Center. Go Badgers!

2) Catch a movie at the Terrace
The terrace, a movie, and friends? For free? Not a bad night.

3) Impromptu dorm room dance party
Want to get to know your floor better or just have fun with your roomie? Dance party all the way

4) Jump in lake Mendota!
Post dance party, feeling hot? Take a dip in Mendota!

5) PDR pizza
Grab some late night pizza. Thee best campus has to offer!

6) Open Mic night on the square
If you’re good at singing or just really enjoy singing- this is totally for you

7) Performing Arts
UW-Madison has a strong artistic theatre community. Check out if anything is going on!

8) Dorm activities in the Den
Another way to bond with your floor- movie night in the Den!

9) Craft Sesh
Night before a game? Have a tie dye or t-shirt cutting night to achieve a trendy outfit for the football game. Go Badge and On Wisconsin!

10) Attend a social/formal
If you love dancing and meeting new people, this is absolutely for you!

11) Late night Tornado Room
If you’re hungry post social/formal, this or PDR has you covered for a late night bite

Have Fun! 🙂

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