Tips for How to Survive in Your First Apartment (and Live by Yourself)

The first year of college life could be a mixture of happiness and headaches. While dorm life could be enjoyable and lovely, there are some down sides such as small kitchen, limited room space, and infinite socializing events (for those quiet or anti-social people). So, most people choose to move out after the first year for a larger, cheaper place with more privacy and freedom.

Here are some tips when you decide to get prepared to live an independent life in apartments as an ADULT (yeah!).

  1. Before all. Don’t start your house hunting too late. Many students start their research as early as November in fall. While it sounds crazy, starting early is not a bad idea. But wait till the beginning of the Spring can also be a choice. Start by browsing some renting website with a target location/ size/ price, and don’t forget the apartment tours.
  2. Learn how to cook. Although food in dining halls is delicious, cooking for your self can help you with the budget and keep you healthy.

Here’s one video of some easy-cooking recipes.

3. Do groceries regularly. Try different stores and farmers’ market. Always have food available, especially during final weeks!

4. Do some decoration for your room. It’s time to use your creativity to make your new home. Facebook pages such as Free& For Sale is a good place to look for cheap stuff.

5. Be safe. Don’t forget to lock your door, and don’t open the door to strangers, as your mum said.

6. Schedule your weekly clean-up. Even someone as lazy as you doesn’t want to sleep on the trash.

7. Last, enjoy your own time!

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