Pace Yourself In Everything That You Do

After three years of getting myself acquainted to the way things work around here, the best piece of advice that I can give any incoming freshman is to pace yourself. Not just in studying, but in new friendships, going out in downtown Madison and eating everything the dining hall has to offer because yes, the Freshman 15 is a real thing.

In college, most of your weekly assignments for classes will be readings. However, on the first day of class you will be made well aware of future projects, papers or presentations that usually count for a big chunk of your grade. I know that starting this project a month in advance sounds awful, but when the due date rolls around and all of your other class mates are scrambling  to complete this major assignment, as well as keep up in their other classes, you will be grateful that you spent that hour each day chipping away at this project.

Also, find your spots that enable you to get the most work done as you possibly can. For myself, I have discovered that being near a big window is the best for me. I get to feel like I am outdoors enjoying the day, but without all of the distractions. If this sounds like you, check out these cool places on campus that I love to study at myself: The Upper House, The Wisconsin Memorial Union  or Helen C. White Library.

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