Perks of Finals Week

Everyone dreads and stresses about finals week and acts like it’s the worst week of their lives. Yes, finals suck but there are a few perks you might not consider.

  1. Puppies on campus: This might be the best perk of finals week. During finals week there is at least one event put on by the school or a campus organization that brings puppies to relieve stress. Don’t worry there will definitely be a Facebook event made so you know when and where the puppies will be.


  1. Free food: Whether its your dorm building, apartment or a school organization giving away the food you can bet there will be free food. Oh and even though it’s not free, you might need some late night food as a reward for all your hard work. I definitely recommend Ian’s.


  1. Free pass on what you wear: Every student is feeling the same stress of finals (some more then others) but generally everyone understands how tired or busy you may be. While usually students can wear whatever they want to class, during finals week you really can where whatever you want around campus. You don’t have to worry about looking like a slob, you have an excuse!

While it’s important to study hard for finals just know that a few grades won’t determine your college GPA or your future career. Stay positive, get some sleep, play with puppies and you will be share to pass (maybe even ace) your finals.


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