You’ve Got (Professional) Mail!

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One of the key components to mastering adulthood is knowing how to effectively communicate with other adults. More importantly, how to communicate with other adults online. Many people my age still don’t know how to write a formal email, and it is crucial to be taken seriously in the professional world and establish your credibility to your executives.

Email is still an important method of communication, and so I thought I would compile a small list to follow to make sure you are on the right track when composing one. These 5 steps can help you draft the perfect email to any professor, boss, or hiring manager:

  1. Many people forget about the subject line, but in my opinion this is the most important part of an email. Make sure the key points and urgency are addressed in the subject line.
  2. If you know the person’s name, use it. A proper greeting may be “Good Afternoon [person’s name],”
  3. It is important to remember that everyone is busy, and your email should be concise. Make sure that your requests are clear and to the point.
  4. In addition to this, accurate grammar, punctuation, and spelling are necessary.
  5. Always conclude by thanking the person or a call to action, depending on the context of the email, followed by a closing. I usually end with “Best regards” and then my name.

When you are finished drafting your email, it is necessary to proofread. If you are nervous about sending it out right away, ask a friend or colleague to look it over for you. After you write a few of these emails, you will wonder why you even had to think about these things in the first place!

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