Must Have Cleaning Supplies: Dorm Room Edition

Your parents have just left you and your new roommate in the dorm at your new school. Right now everything is neat and organized but in a few weeks, it will be clear how badly your room needs to be cleaned. Some posts have described how important it is to keep a dorm clean, but how do you do it? College students can’t be expected to scrub the floor of their dorm room every day, but these three items are some of the most useful tools to help keep a dorm room clean.

1.Disinfecting Wipes

Your roommate is sick with the flu. You spilled your takeout all over your desk. There are a million scenarios that could call for a cleanup and disinfecting wipes are an easy and quick way to reduce the risk of spreading bacteria. There are plenty of different brands and scents to choose from, and they are an affordable way to stay healthy.

Clorox Wipes

2.Small Vacuum

Some dorm rooms are too small to fit a large industrial vacuum, but any dorm can fit a small portable vac. A vacuum is great for cleaning up dust, crumbs, and dirt. A lot of dorms have vacuums available at the front desk, but having a smaller one in your room will make life much easier.

Handheld Vacuum

3.Air Freshener

No matter how clean you are, dorms are stuffy and small. Freshening up a room with some Febreeze will hide the scent of the dishes you have yet to clean or the laundry that you haven’t done in weeks.

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Air Freshener

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