Wisconsin Badger Apparel: A Wardrobe Essential for All UW-Madison Students

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, there are more than 40,000 students, each with unique fashion style. Clothes are one of the ways UW-Madison students define their personality. However, everybody’s wardrobe has one thing in common – Wisconsin Badger apparel.

One of the biggest mistakes I made in my freshman year was going to a Badger football game without wearing Wisconsin Badgers gear. In a stadium full of fans wearing UW colors, the Badger red and white, I was wearing a black shirt and jeans. It seemed as though I did not go to UW-Madison, and I was embarrassed.

The truth is I underestimated the school spirit UW-Madison students would show and hadn’t bought any Wisconsin Badgers apparel. A few days after the football game, I went to the University Book Store and bought a few. I thought they were slightly overpriced, but I knew I would wear them out.

Wisconsin Badger apparel is not only appropriate for Badger games but also classes and even parties. It is a way to show your school pride. Also, they are comfortable and go well with most clothing items already in many students’ wardrobes, such as jeans and leggings.

Of course, students can wear their Wisconsin Badger gear when they are not in Madison. It is a great conversation starter, and students might find fellow Badgers in unexpected places around the world.

Before the move-in day, all freshmen coming to UW-Madison should make sure they have proper Wisconsin Badger gear to not make the same mistake I made.

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