Eccentric Finds for Your College Closet

There is no better way to become that cool, fashionable, freshman on campus than snagging apparel from local thrift and vintage shops. Not only does this support small Madison businesses, but it also allows you to explore your own personal style. Browsing these stores will help you discover new fashion trends and find pieces that express who you are with flare.

Every UW-Madison newcomer sports a badger sweatshirt, but do they walk around in a cheetah print skirt with a funky 60’s clutch purse? Probably not. If you’re looking for a quirky take on fashion stop by ReThreads where you’ll find anything from 90’s mom jeans to long-forgotten, tacky jewelry.

Of course, if that doesn’t suit your tastes, you could try out Good Style Shop which sells the most iconic clothing from every decade. You might find the right staple piece to match a more modern wardrobe. 

No store embodies “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” than Dig and Save. Sorting through the store’s goodies is an adventure of its own. I’ve found everything from Hooter’s merchandise to Halloween costumes to hospital gowns.  But nothing compares to the glorious satisfaction of finding the perfect leather jacket at the bottom bin.

Becoming a part of a new community means you get to take advantage of all the awesome, unique, and meaningful businesses in the area. If you’re feeling adventurous, then try out new thrift and vintage shops to explore your home away from home. Bucky merch is the useful go-to, but the best way to stay stylish on campus is to avoid the cliches.

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