Why You Should Take Your Parents Advice on How to Make Friends

We’ve all heard the classic college cliches about branching out and trying new things, and when I graduated highschool, my parents told me the same thing.  

“This is a time to explore your interests and meet people!” But how?

Let’s face it, when our parents were in college, societal dynamics were completely different and I always countered their advice and methods of meeting people, but they really aren’t all that wrong. 

“Just say hi!”

While this may be the most frustrating, they aren’t wrong. Connecting in person is the best way to create relationships with people, but our world has become increasingly digital. Facebook is a great way to connect with new people, but friends are more than a follow. Try to start online conversations and if they live in your region, make plans! It all starts with hello. 

“Why don’t you join a club or play sports?” 

This is a classic way to meet people while exploring your interests and is very effective in making a big place feel smaller. UW has a student organization fair that makes it easy for students to sign up and meet people!

“Ask them to study!”

Your friends are your classmates, so study groups and major-specific networking groups or clubs can be a great way to connect with people you have common goals with. This is also a great way to manage time and be productive academically and socially. 

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