Fast Friends

Being a new student at such a big campus can be hard so I am going to share with you some tips on how to meet new people. Don’t be afraid! This is a new environment to all the freshman, don’t be afraid to reach out and say hi to someone you’re sitting next to. In the dorms? Meet your neighbors! Go over say hello introduce yourself, you’ll be next to each other all year so better get along. And lastly join extracurriculars such as clubs, sorority’s and fraternity’s, and intramural sports. This will help you meet people more like you but also get involved with campus life! Getting involved freshman year will help you make life long friends, but is important to try and do as much as you can with people freshman year before everyone moves out of the dorms and into houses and apartments. You meet some of the best people freshman year but not everyone you meet will be your best friend so don’t settle for firsts, find people you truly get along with.

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