Why I Took ATM OCN 100 And Why You Should Too

From one fun fact to another, the weather and climate will teach you a thing or two about the circle of life

Thinking of becoming a psychologist? A doctor? A strategic communicator? A scientist? I suggest you take ATM OCN 100, a class on Weather and Climate. This class might not fulfill your major requirements, but it does give you a little insight on how the crazy Wisconsin weather functions! An added bonus? It fulfills the physical science requirement! 

Why You Should Take ATM OCN 100!

  • Professor Jonathan Martin knows what he is talking about and is deeply passionate about it,
  • you get one fun fact or story about the weather in each of the two 75-minute class lectures,
  • it is given in Fall 2019 (with a different professor), and
  • it is an approximately 150-person, three credit class, which regardless of your major, fulfills a mandatory degree requirement!

Why Did I Choose to Enroll in ATM OCN 100?

I chose to take this class mainly because it fulfilled one of the many requirements for the Environmental Studies major. I was also very intrigued by weather patterns and I wanted to learn more about how these patterns might change as time progresses. 

Did I Enjoy It?

I have to admit it was definitely one of the more challenging classes I had to take because it involved weekly homework and required some math and physics knowledge. However, the material itself was incredibly interesting and the exams were a direct reflection of the material taught in class and in problem sets.

Image source: https://www.eia.gov/energyexplained/index.php?page=natural_gas_factors_affecting_prices

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