The Musical Spirit of Wisconsin

Photo by Gary Smith

Take a class with ALL your friends

Music 42 with 350 of your closest friends. I was lucky enough to take this class with legendary Professor “Mike” Leckrone. Dr. Corey Pompey will be following in Leckrone’s footsteps, and is eager to work with all current and prospective students. Anyone who enjoyed marching band in school previously would greatly benefit from membership in the Badger Band. Students will learn discipline, time management, self confidence, and musical style.

Timeless Memories

Although the class is only 1 credit hour, the memories made on and off the field will last a lifetime. In the fall, students learn the famous “stop at the top” marching step at practice Tuesday through Friday and participate in the world renowned Wisconsin Badgers game day at Camp Randall Stadium. This rigorous schedule may seem overwhelming, but in order to perform at our best, regular practice is necessary. In the spring, we spend every Wednesday night of the semester preparing for our Varsity Band Spring Concert, which sells out three nights at the Kohl Center each year.

Photo by Gary Smith

Moment of Happiness Across the Country

I have traveled to Florida, New York, Indiana, and many other destinations during my short time with the band. My favorite part about being a clarinet player is that there are only about 13-14 of us each year and we quickly form a special bond with one another. Those with instrumental talent and a passion for spreading the traditions of the University of Wisconsin-Madison should consider joining the band and learn why we like to say “Eat A Rock” for themselves.

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