Water or Die at UW.

TRUST ME, the single most important thing I’ve done at UW was when I went to Target after weekend one to buy a 30 pack of water.

Quickly, the weekend rush of study parties, coding marathons, and Mountain Dew made me the most dehydrated person on campus. On the second Monday of my time at UW, I woke up disoriented and nauseated.

I thought to myself, “Man! These college academics are no joke. They know how to throw down on some calculus pong!”

So, for these 5 reasons, make sure to bring your 64 oz. water bottle everywhere on campus.

  1. On a campus as academically charged as UW’s, you never know when a draining, heated debate on gender pronouns or climate change will break out.
  2. There are pretty girls here. And pretty girls make you sweat (they make me sweat, at least).
  3. Coffee shops are everywhere here, and it won’t be long until organic chemistry has you running on their bitter water. Be careful though, all coffee and no water will have you seeing double and peeing bright yellow.
  4. You can escape booze by simply saying “no thanks” while presenting your massive Nalgene bottle.
  5. If your roommate refuses to clean up after him or herself, you’ll have 64 ounces of water to remind them of the ravioli they ate last night.

Water is a foolproof way to thrive at UW.

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