4 Ways to Master “Adulting” Freshman Year

Starting college can be an exciting and intimidating experience! Moving from living at home with your parents to living on your own is a huge life change. There are, however, ways to make it seem much more manageable. Here are 4 life hacks on how to master “adulting” in your first year:

1. Find your classes before the first day

Wisconsin’s campus is huge. Make sure you take some time to walk around campus or just look at a map for some direction before you start your first day! Not only is it important to find the building, but finding your classroom can be just as helpful, especially if your class is in the Humanities building!

2. Find a good “class friend”

Avoid the future panic of not knowing a due date, how to complete an assignment, or needing class notes and make a reliable friend in each class! There’s a high chance your friend may even live in a dorm near you, which can make the walk to class a lot more bearable too!

3. Utilize campus resources

Wisconsin offers a wide-range of campus resources. Make sure to take advantage of going to the Writing Center for one-on-one editing services, utilizing free tutoring, or even SuccessWorks to build your resume! The University also offers a campus gym and a Health Services center to make sure you are feeling your best too!

4. Use a planner

There’s no better way to stay organized on all your life activities than writing them in your planner. This is especially helpful with test dates and due dates, which can sneak up on you before you know it!

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